Get Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K video.  No extra cost.  High Definition (HD) Blu-ray and Standard Definition (SD) DVD also available.

Yes!  Below options included!  Cost – Compare

The reason our prices are so reasonable is because our specialty is documentary wedding (or other events) videos.  A documentary style video, also known as a journalistic approach, essentially gives you a play-by-play of the entire wedding and reception. It is typically shown in chronological order and edited to keep the audience engaged. This is the traditional approach for wedding videos, so it can capture all of the special moments of the day. 

We provide:

  • Ultra High Definition (UHD – 4K) video on jump drive.  If you don’t have a 4K player or TV you may in the future.  In addition, it is an excellent backup for a disc that may get scratched.
  • An Ultra High Definition (UHD – 4K) video is like shooting 30 pictures per second with an 8 Megapixel still camera.  Print pictures are available.  Contact Us to discuss options for prints.
  • DVD – Good Quality
  • Blu-ray High Definition (HD 2K) – Very Good Quality
  • Case to hold discs with booklet of pictures from video frames.
  • Ceremony online (can be password protected)
  • Guest comments in reception video

When comparing with other videographers make sure to ask about 4K – Ultra High Definition (UHD) video.

Contact us for more information.


I have been doing video of special events for the past 8 years.


I use a professional 4K Sony Camcorder with audio mixer input.  An audio wireless system with LED lighting is used to video congratulatory and inspirational comments of guests during the reception.

Reserve Your Date

With a $100 deposit your date can be reserved, of course depending on availability.  To request a date contact me to find out if your date is open OR complete the PDF Form and mail  OR complete the Online Form.  If the date is available then you make the payment.